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8 Top Personal Finance Sites to Bookmark

So this blog is kind of an interesting mashup of money saving tips geared more towards “living luxe for less” … but there are so many amazing sites out there that provide tons of useful info on personal finance that I wanted to mention since educating yourself on money is one of the smartest things you can do. With so many to choose from, here are the top personal finance sites that give the most relevant and useful info in my opinion.

Kiplinger:  A good place to start on this website is the basics section, where you can learn the basics of budgeting, saving for retirement, and investing. They also feature online videos and slide shows that present things that would usually confuse me in an easy to understand format. I personally spend most of my time reading their articles on budgeting and saving – they really cover it all.

Forbes: I trust Forbes more for psychology of money kinds of articles (“How to be a Great Leader”), and important timely articles (“Where Jobs Will and Won’t be in 2014). The site is also amazing for all things investing – from a source you know you can trust.

 Mint Life Blog: Mint is one of my favorite resources for tracking and budgeting your money online (and on their app). They now have this great blog that posts regularly on everything from your credit score to how to entertain on a budget. The articles are to the point and written from a fresh perspective.

The Daily Muse: This site is full of advice for young adults to learn about money, technology, health and even how to land your dream job. From writing an effective resume to learning how to be more productive – this site will help you in many different aspects of your career.

WiseBread: With a bunch of young writers, this site also teaches how to live large on a small budget. It’s community of bloggers informs and advises readers on a variety of personal finance topics. Visit their how-to library to learn how to manage your debt, select a credit card, and protect your identity.

Money Talks News: I love this site, and not just because they promote my articles from time to time (thank you!) — they have almost every category from family to insurance and around the house with all of the ways you can save money. The site is easy to navigate and always has really useful and informative articles.

Budgets Are Sexy: This is more of a blog-format personal finance site by J. Money — he’s got a big personality and shares his personal journey with money while starting a young family and going through all the same shit the rest of us are going through. If you want some insight on how he does things (and does them well) – as long as a few laughs along the way – this is the site for you.

Money Crashers: This is a great site for tips on how to save money on everything from health and fitness to how to retire early. It’s easy to find articles that matter to you and you won’t need to go through annoying slideshow posts like some other websites out there (I hate those).

There are so many more amazing blogs out there that talk personal finance, but these are just my top go-to’s. Mike over at Wealthy Turtle actually put together a great list of his Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs that yours truly just happens to be on that is worth checking out. Now you know what to do for your hour of spare time instead of watching reality TV! You’re welcome!



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