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Boom! 10 of The Best Money Saving Websites

If you’re like most people, you’ve gotten loose on a few glasses of wine and ended up having an online shopping spree that left you with deliveries of family sized oreos and vintage dresses for weeks. Ok, maybe that was just me – but I’m sure online shopping has gotten you into trouble at some point or another. The good news is that there are sites out there that don’t want to take advantage of you in your weakened emotional state, but exist to try and actually save you money. Here is my compilation of the 10 best money saving websites out there.

AirbnbInstead of renting a boring, moth-smelling hotel room the next time you travel, try this site to rent a local’s place for much less money and more home-y feeling. With lots of pictures and user reviews, this site is definitely worth a try. On the flip side, the next time you go out of town you can throw your place on airbnb to earn a little extra dough. The site just charges a 3% processing fee and funds are transferred directly to you.

airbnb saves money

GazelleWe live in a time where everyone has to have the latest gadgets and technology, but what happens to the poor old generation electronics that are cast aside as old and obsolete? Instead of throwing them aside like some poor first wife, gazelle has you answer some questions about them and then makes you an offer to buy them from you. Ship it for free and feel a little less guilty about spending $300 on a new generation that offers nothing new but a bigger screen.

sell gadgets

Coupons.com: The days of clipping coupons are over, my friend. The next time you’re going on a grocery run, just check out this site for printable coupons for whatever you need. They even have store-specific coupons for places like Walmart and local deals in your area for things like massages and fitness. An all-around great resource – just make sure you don’t end up on coupon wars. It could easily happen.

printable online coupons

Getaround: If you don’t have a car and spend way too much money on rentals, this site pairs pre-screened drivers and car owners and allows you to rent other peoples vehicles in the Getaround community using a smartphone app. Prices range from $3 to $40 an hour for luxury cars, and the rental comes with insurance. If you have a car that you’re not using, you can also earn extra income renting it as well.

save money on car rentals

ThredupI don’t have kids, but when I do I know that I’ll be using a service like this. Those little suckers outgrow clothes faster than Christina Aguilera circa now. You can find gently used kids clothes discounted up to 75% off, and when you kids outgrow their stuff, you fill up a provided bag and they pay for shipping and for whatever they can resell. Genius.

saving money on kids clothes

 Clicker.comI’m sure you’ve heard of crazy people who cut their cable to save money. I have to admit that I am one of them, and I get made fun of all the time. Truth is, I don’t watch a lot of television, and using sites like this you can see a full guide of free TV and movies that are available online. Now who’s crazy, huh?! huh?!!!

Savored: Currently offered in most big cities, Savored enables diners to make free online reservations and get discounts at great restaurants. How is this crazy amazing process possible you ask? A slower night or a last minute no-show could mean savings for you. Savored uses a proprietary technology to search restaurant availability to find you the highest possible discount on these tables.

Billshrink.com: This great, free tool allows you to compare all of the options and plans for things like your cell phone and credit card issuers so that you can find ways to save money on these monthly expenses. Not only will you likely save a bunch of money by changing your plan or carrier, but they will alert you if even better deals come up.

Money saving website

Goldstar: This site has half-price tickets as a way to introduce new audiences to theater, concerts, comedy, and sporting events in your area. If you’re willing to wait until last minute opportunities, this site is a great resource for saving on your next night out.

money saving website

FourSquare: This app allows you to share where you are with friends by “checking-in” to restaurants and stores, BUT checking-in to participating restaurants and retailers can also mean exclusive deals to some of your favorite places.

Enjoy these great sites, and remember – wine and online shopping do not mix. Ever.


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  2. Wow – Gazelle is AMAZING. Thanks so much for sharing! I just found your site and I’m so glad I did – my new year’s resolution this year is to take control of my budget!

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