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The Best Ways to Save Money Buying Pre-Owned Online

Buying pre-owned is obviously a guaranteed way to save money buying just about everything, even things you may not have considered before. My makeup artist girlfriend has recently gotten involved with groups on Facebook that like to trade or sell used makeup, which is interesting from my perspective because she can A) find something she wants without us spending extra money, and B) create relationships with other makeup enthusiasts. However, like many communities, all it takes is one individual to ruin the experience, like when someone began trying to push knock-off makeup to others for an unbeatable discount.  So how do you find the best pre-owned deals without getting scammed?

Finding the Best Deals for Used Items

Used doesn’t mean the item has lost its value. It simply means someone no longer has the need for the item, which means you get to have it for a fraction of the cost, and the internet makes it easier than ever to find all these amazing gems. Some of the best things to consider buying used:

  • electronics like laptops, smartphones
  • high end designer goods
  • sports/workout equipment
  • jewelry or watches

When you combine these actions when online shopping by targeting the used marketplace, you are going to be a guaranteed winner:

Social media: You’re likely acquainted with Ebay and Craigslist already, but social media can also be a great place for finding great deals. Online marketplaces have a ton of products that can be found by including the keyword “used” as part of your search. The nice thing about these platforms is that you can either bid for the items or haggle with the sellers, which lets you drive down that price. These sites are really great for finding clothes, gadgets, and other random items.

Local Store: On the other hand, there are stores that offer up great discounts on used products because that’s their main focus in business. There are local stores that sell pre-owned items like watches and other jewelry. Choosing to buy from a discount store like this gives you the added benefit of extended refund policies and accessible customer support.

Safe Shopping Tips:

1. Look up the reputation of the seller. From within their profile you should be able to see reviews from others but push past the 5-stars and look at those that are 1’s and 2’s. What you may find is that the lower reviews are the actual experiences while the higher ones were bought through some review company to pad their ratings.

2. Go to the sellers website (if applicable) to continue your diligence. Take a few moments to scan it, read their “about us”, and shipping/returns policy. Use their online chat (or send an email) to gauge their level of response. If you are having trouble getting in contact with the seller it may be a sign that they’re not the type to stick around after you’ve handed over your hard earned money.

3. Always make sure that you work with a payment service which offers a paper trail, tracking, and return policy that protects the buyer. If you have trouble reversing the order (due to it being fake) with the payment processor then take it up with your credit/debit card company which will allow you to do a chargeback.

4. Talk with others (that you trust) that have ordered through the seller, previously. Take all feedback with a grain of salt depending on how well you know them. If the consensus from the community is that they check out then you should generally be fine with completing the transaction.

Combine these actions along with using reputable online marketplaces and channels and you should have no problem finding the best deals for used items online (and avoid getting scammed on your purchase).



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