About TFM

When you grow up in a household that re-uses paper towels, packs groceries in boxes to avoid paying ten cents for bags, and where you used Win-Dox to clean the house… you definitely learn the value of a dollar. There’s a good chance you’re also scarred for life.

Either way, I considered these all-important lessons that I took with me when I moved to NYC where I currently live working as a full-time model. Sure it’s an unconventional job, but it’s thought provoking and gives me a chance to save the world one dress at a time. Ok maybe not, but I’m proud of the fact that I support myself in one of the most expensive cities out there, and have learned how to really take charge of my money. I paid my own way through university in Toronto where I earned a business degree, worked three jobs and saved along the way. I can’t stress enough how important it is to build good spending and saving habits – because debt equals stress and stress equals wrinkles and wrinkles will NOT make you richer…just old looking.

I am a huge foodie, a workout junkie, and obviously a passionate deal-finder. I’m not a financial expert nor am I attempting to be one, but I built The Frugal Model as a way of life (read my 5 money rules to live by). I’m currently deep into studying personal growth and development, so I’ll be throwing out great ways to not only fatten up your wallet, but to enrich your life too.

– Ashley