How to Take on Anxiety: Tips From a Pro

Today’s post comes from Trish Barillas, Life Coach and author of instabook @afaceofanxiety

I have battled Anxiety/Panic Disorder since the age of 5. There was no attention paid to these disorders when I was young, but luckily with the power of social media and a new outlook on health and wellness, we are in a new accepting age where people like myself can more easily share their story.

For anxiety, the underlining thought is a learned behavior. We are only born with two innate fears: the fear of loud noises, and the fear of falling. Everything else is a learned response. Anxiety can come from multiple causes – some are genetic, PTSD, drug usage, or hormonal changes. Although a healthy dose of anxiety is needed for all creatures to better protect themselves, the question becomes, how do we stop that “what if?…” thought process that can initiate anxiety and shift your thinking in the moment?

If you have ever watched Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer, it’s basically the same concept. Cesar will take a dog that becomes fixated on an object or another dog and redirect their thinking process. When you find yourself going down the “What If” cycle you must try refocus your brain to something more powerful. It can be deep breathing exercises, writing, physical exertion, or anything that can move your thinking.

Helpful methods to quiet anxiety:

  • Take deep breathes: when breathing in, hold your breathe when at max hold for 5 whole seconds before releasing (Make sure to breathe in deeply, expanding the stomach)
  • Write it down: write down exactly what you are experiencing on a piece of paper (avoiding the feelings will only make them come on stronger)
  • Sing out loud: Throw on some favorite tunes. Having to say/ remember words will change the focus of your thoughts.
  • Say this mantra: thoughts have no meaning until you fear them.
  • Meditate: download some meditation tracks or an app like headspace
  • Make a playlist: with soothing, calming music that you use often so your brain can create a path to the calm state of mind
  • Seek out help: In extreme situations, seek out professional help as some medications can aid in times of distress when Panic or Anxiety is disrupting your daily life functions.
  • Phone a friend / loved one: someone whom is understanding of your condition and can help shift your thought process, discuss anything other than the anxiety you are feeling to lessen the strength of the anxiety
  • Let it happen: If you tend to have convulsions / tremors just let it happen, your body will come back down to a resting state. This is adrenal at it’s best, so just stay calm and accept what physical symptoms are happening as hard as this may sound.


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