Botox Ain’t Cheap: Top Natural Anti-Aging Tips

Getting older is amazing. You’re more self assured, you have more money, and you start to learn what really matters in life. Unfortunately getting older also means losing that wonderful youthful glow that is so highly valued in this crazy world. No one enjoys looking old and haggard, but fancy anti-aging creams and procedures can get pretty expensive. So here are the top natural anti-aging tips that really work so you can save your money on all that expensive crap that probably doesn’t.

1. Quit Smoking

Despite the fact that it is a disgusting habit that makes you smell terrible, yellows your teeth and costs ALOT of money, smoking also ages you like a mo-fo. When the smoke itself hits the skin, the cells already start to change. It damages the collagen and elastin in your skin which are the keys to providing the elasticity to your tissue that keeps it all tight. This means that you get saggy and wrinkly at an eccelerated rate. Smoking also constricts the blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutriets to your skin, so the cells can’t regenerate as quickly. The area around your mouth and eyes will probably go first from all that squinting. Not cute on so many levels.

2. Eat the right food

Foods that contain antioxidants have been shown to neutralize the free radicals in our bodies that break down our wonderful youth-making cells. This is why it’s important to load up on a diet high in vitamins like C and E and beta carotene that help us defend ourselves against all the bad stuff that turns us into wrinkly messes.

* Eat colorful veggies like leafy greens, carrots, red peppers etc.

* Blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, and raspberries are all loaded with antioxidants, which save cells from premature aging

* Cold-water fish like salmon reduces inflammation on a cellular level (if you hate fish you can take fish oil supplement insead)

* Drink lots of green tea & drink as much water as possible. Water flushes waste out of our system and acts as an internal moisturizer.

* Use olive oil – it’s high in monounsaturated fat and antioxidants which can help you better absorb the nutrients in your food and make your skin glow.

3. Beware the sun

This is a tough one for me. I am a huge fan of sunbathing and getting that nice, healthy glow. The problem is, the effects of a nice tan are short term. In the long term, the sun destroys our collagen and elastin, creating what experts call photoaging. Scary. The more damage that is done, the harder it becomes for your body to produce new collagen to replace what was lost. Don’t believe me? Check out this picture of a 69 year old truck driver who’s left side of his face was exposed to the sun while driving for 28 years:


Um, crazy. Be sure to wear a moisturizer with at least a 30 SPF every day. I’ve also gotten into the habit of wearing big sunglasses to protect the sensitive skin around my eyes – even when I’m laying out at the beach (which I shouldn’t be doing).

4. Stress less

I know this is easier said than done for most people. The next time you’re stressing out, remember that your mind is sending signals to your body to produce the stress hormone cortisol which breaks down collagen. This is not good news for your skin. Also, when your body gets all worked up, most nutrients and oxygen will go to the major organs to protect them – not your skin. Getting rid of anxiety will help you to sleep better and ensure you don’t get those nasty frown lines. Here are some tips:

* Don’t take on more than you can handle & better manage your time: Weather in your personal or professional life, learn how to say no if too much responsibility pushes your limits. Planning ahead for things can also really help reduce the stress from always being late!

* Reframe problems and look at the bigger picture: Try to view stressful situations form a more positive perspective and ask yourself how important it will be in the long run. If it won’t matter in a month or year, it probably isn’t worth getting upset over.

* Focus on the positive: Taking a moment to reflect on all the things you can appreciate in your life can help to keep things in perspective.

* Don’t try to control what you can’t: You can’t change the behavior of other people. Focus on what you can control – like YOUR reactions. Learning to forgive and letting go of anger and resentment will help you out big time.

 5. Get moving

Not only does exercise help ward off a ton of different diseases and prevent you from becoming overweight, but it also greatly reduces the effects of free radicals and inflammation that causes signs of aging. It also assists in the reduction of high cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure levels and helps to modify the hormones that impact the aging process, including reducing blood insulin levels and increasing those amazing anti-aging hormones. On top of that, getting in your cardio promotes blood flow to the skin, which helps increase the rate of new cell growth and the production of natural oils and moisture. Not only will your face look young, but you’ll have an ass of an 18 year old. It’s an all-around win situation.

6. Use Natural Remedies

I personally don’t use many high-end skin care products. I love Neutrogena Deep Clean for my face wash, and I use Oil of Olay Pro-X and a Fresh night cream. Some people believe in spending money on spa treatments, but there are so many natural, inexpensive treatments you can do right at home, for example:

Papaya mask: This fruit has a ton of carotene, vitamin C, essential minerals and the enzyme papain – so it is a natural exfoliant and moisturizer. Peeling off a strip from the outer layer and swiping it on your skin can help lighten the skin, minimizing the appearance of age spots. Papaya also opens pores, leaving skin feeling soft and with a healthy glow.

Cleanse with honey: Many of people don’t know that honey contains a ton of antioxidants and also contains anti-bacterial properties, making it a gentle, affordable everyday cleanser. Just add a little warm water to make it easier to use and gently rinse it off. You can even add some brown sugar to make it an exfoliating wash. It rinses right off, and can even be used to aid in treating mild breakouts

Grapes around the eyes: Apparently grapes have an acidic formula that help to act as a sort of natural peel if you mush them up and use a cotton ball to apply them around your eyes. Rinse after 5 minutes.

You can get so many natural home anti-aging remedies just by looking them up and finding which ones work with whatever you have in your house. Hopefully applying some of these techniques to your daily life will save you heavy doctor’s bills (and looking like Joan Rivers) in the future.


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