6 Cute Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

Ever since moving to NYC, Halloween has become my absolute favorite holiday. People in the city REALLY get into it, getting decked out in the most creative and unbelievable costumes. This is why it’s unfortunate that so many girls fall back on the predictable “slut” costume. Whether it be a slutty cop, a slutty mouse, or a slutty nun (and this is not done for the purpose of irony), I understand wanting to use halloween as an excuse to get crazy, but many just end up looking cheap. This is why I wanted to do a post on cute (inexpensive) halloween costume ideas so you don’t have to look like you were too broke to buy enough clothes to cover your ass cheeks.

cheap halloween costume ideas1. Cop: I went to second hand stores looking for REAL police shirts to wear, and got lucky enough to find one. It may have said POLICE crossing guard, but a little black magic marker over the crossing guard part helped to make it more official, and it cost me $15. I wore it with black shorts, and all I needed were a few accessories which I comparison shopped for online. The hat was $8.99 and the cuffs were $3.99 on Amazon. Total cost of costume = $28

2. Flashdancer: This one is always cute and very easy to put together. All you need is an oversized off the shoulder shirt,

flashdancer halloween idea

which you can easily find at a second hand store if you don’t own one already for about $10. Pair this with a head band, leggings, shorts, and leg warmers (all of which you can get at American Apparel or online for about $30) and you have a great 80’s flashdancer costume. Add some neon eyemakeup and bright pink lips and you’re good to go. Total cost of costume = $20-30

3. Zombie: Get some old clothes you don’t wear anymore or some super cheap clothes from a thrift store and rip them up and make them dirty by rubbing brown makeup on them. Throw some fake blood on the clothes and pick up a zombie face makeup kit for about $12 . Here is a good video tutorial on how to do it: Zombie makeup beginner to expert.  Total cost of costume = $12

4. Little Kid: Just throw on your PJ’s, put your hair in some pig tails and grab a teddy bear. This costume is really cute – just be careful of the kind of guys you end up picking up, because they could like little girls and that’s creepy. Total cost of costume = free.

5. Nerd: Most girls have a pair of high waisted pants or jeans at this point. Cuff them on the bottom, and pick up a pair of cheap elastic overalls ($6) and a bowtie ($5) at a thrift store. Get some cheap black plastic framed glasses ($5 online) and put some white tape around the middle. Wear a button-down closed all the way to the top and viola you are a smart little nerd.  Total cost of costume = $16

6. Anna Wintour: This one is funny and easy. Just get a light brown bob wig ($15-$30 online), wear your little black dress, big black sunglasses, lots of big jewelry and attitude. Total cost of costume = $15-$30


    This year I will be re-using my lion costume. Again. This is probably my third time being a lion, but this year I’m doing a big teased wig and full face paint to spruce it up. Total cost of costume this year will only be about $40 for the extra accessories. No shame in my game, I’m a damn good lion.



  1. Hey Ashley!

    I hope you don’t mind if I add something to your list of inexpensive Halloween costumes. It’s a little cheesy, but for girls who like fantasy, a fairy costume would be inexpensive also! Fairy wings from a Halloween store ($7-$15), black or solid colored tank top ($5), mini skirt with ruffles and a lot of color ($15-$20), striped or patterned tights ($5) and heels or ankle boots (depends on where person buys from) the total cost is about $40 dollars more or less based on how extravagant the person wants to get with the accessories. What really makes the costume come together though is the eye make up. Bright eye shadows and eyeliner really pull it together if done right. :)

    Have a great Halloween and I’m sure you’re a killer lioness!

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