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25 Simple Money Saving Tips

Ok so right now I’m in the process of moving, plus I just finished school learning NLP (more on that in an upcoming post)… so this is my lazy post of past tweets that give you 25 simple money-saving tips. Enjoy!

1. Free shipping a scam? Some online stores may make up for a free-shipping policy with higher prices. Zappos.com= $250 BCBG booties. BCBG.com = $175 booties+$8 for shipping.

2. Need business cards? Vistaprint.com  gives you 250 for free. Just create your card & pay for the shipping (be warned I think they will also say vistaprint on them somewhere).

3. Hi-tech shopping: Free apps by RedLaser & Shop Savvy let you scan the bar code of an item & compare it to other in-store & online prices.

4. Free stuff?! Freebie-Depot.com , Mrfreestuff.com  & Shop4Freebies.com  offer samples of products, online coupons & rebates.

5. Car shopping? Go to a big dealership with high inventory since they make their money with volume. Small dealerships depend on higher profit per car, which is bad news for you unless it’s your cousin’s friends uncle’s dealership or something.

6. Throwing away food? You’re wasting money! Only cut fruits/veggies when needed, put bread in the fridge, and make perishable items more visible so you don’t forget them like I do (ugh kale).

7. Tip: Stop buying 100-calorie packs. Instead buy larger packages & divide into smaller ziploc bags. The unit cost savings are significant.

8. Grocery IQ app: Scan barcodes of products you want at home & it categorizes items by food group and shows if there are any coupons available in your area.

9. Before you go food shopping, enter your zip code at groceryguide.com  to find weekly specials and coupons at supermarkets near you.

10. U.S.households spend $100/year powering turned-off, plugged in electronics. Plug them into power strips and switch them off at the end of the day.

11. Switch light bulbs for compact fluorescent and save up to 75% on your electric bill. They last 10-25 times longer and use power more efficiently.

12. Brew your own coffee! 3 bags of beans/month = $20. Buying a cup every day for 2 people = $4 each X 20 work days = $80 min per month.

13. Found something you love online but the shipping fee is crazy? Use Freeshipping.org  for free shipping coupons to nearly 4k retailers.

free shipping

14. Showers account for 2/3 of all water-heating costs! Try a low-flow shower head – it can save a family of three about $246/year.

15. Need new insurance? Try healthinsurance.com  & ehealthinsurance.com . Avoid sites that don’t give instant quotes or ask you for personal info.

16. Feel like you’re getting sick? Try a retail clinic such as those found in CVS. One study showed they cost about 25% less than a physician’s office.

17. Want to go see a game? Check Stubhub.com. The closer you are to game day, the bigger the discounts are likely to be

18. The average person spends $6.60 on lunch away from home. Bring it from home just 2 times this week and save $13. Do it 8 times this month and save $52.

19. Can’t afford a personal trainer? Try iTrain.com  and download personalized workouts for your iPod for as little as $7.99/session.

20. Save money on everything from books to electronics by checking pricewatch.com  & shoppingnotes.com  before you hit the stores.

21. Consider downgrading your internet speed to save money. Most people don’t even notice the difference. (Thanks shady internet provider).

22. Joinhoney.com  – Couponshelper.com Poachit.com  = browser plugins that alert you of sales and give discount codes.

23. Talkster.com lets you chat long distance for free. Enter both phone numbers to get a set of local numbers you can call to connect. (The catch is you need to listen to a 10 second ad).

24. A number of state and local programs will rebate part of the purchase price of an energy-efficient appliance. Check your state out at DSIREUsa.org.

25. Have an unused store gift card lying around? Sell or swap it at Giftcardgranny.com. You can also buy gift cards at a discount.


Hopefully you found a few of these useful. Do you have a great money saving tip worth sharing?



  1. Oooo. I haven’t heard of iTrain. Thanks for the tip. Because one day I will work out. Really, I will. And when that day comes I will want a trainer but will refuse to pay for one. :-)

  2. #7 is one we follow all the time. The individual packs are very expensive, so we always get the big packages and fill up ziplock bags for the kids to take on the road. Cheerios, goldfish crackers, animal crackers…they make great snack bags.

  3. Ashley,

    Awesome money savings tips!

    Thanks for the shout out! FREE Stuff rocks and I maintain a HUGE list of FREE Birthday offers, FREE Wedding Stuff, FREE After Rebate items & more!


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