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Earn Extra Loot: 6 Work From Home Job Ideas

There are two basic ways to save money: You can either spend less, or make more (and maybe even try doing both). Instead of going out and shopping, drinking, or whatever else you would normally do with a majority of your spare time, I would suggest picking up some extra cash instead of spending it on things you don’t need. Here are 6  work from home job ideas to help you earn some extra loot and get out of debt faster.

1. Teacher or Tutor ($10 – $14 per hour)

With the growth of online schooling, there is also a growing demand for online instructors. If you’re a recent grad or even still in college, you can sign up to teach on sites like Tutor.com as long as you pass the application process. You don’t have to have a Phd – opportunities are available to teach even grade school levels. The more experienced you are, the more you are paid, and you’re able to set your own schedule – which means you can still keep your 9-5 (and help some poor kid pass algebra).

2. Mystery shopper ($5 and up per assignment)

Do you like shopping AND being mysterious? Then I have the perfect job for you. Mystery shoppers pretty much act as though they are just a regular customer, and then report back to the company about their experiences in the stores. Depending on how time-consuming the job is, payment can range from $5 to $160. Sometimes you don’t even have to leave your house, since there are also  evaluation opportunities based on phone customer service. If you’re interested in doing this, just be sure to use a credible site (like MSPA) since there are scammers out there who have you pay for a list of mystery shopping jobs.

3. Selling stuff you make (varies depending on how amazing your stuff is)

If you have a real passion for creating things (and real talent – no ugly crooked friendship bracelets), then you can definitely make money selling it online. Sites like EtsyEbay, Artfire and Craftsu have made it possible to advertise and sell your creations for a price that you see fit. Just figure out the best platform to sell your things, and then build your customer base. Check out About.com’s page for How to Successfully Price Your Crafts for help. Sites like Etsy charge 20 cents to list and 3.5% of sales – but other sites do allow you to list for free or for a reasonable flat rate.

4. Create an online business or app (could cost you money or make you millions)

If you have a genius idea that you believe could be the next Facebook or Instagram, there are several different ways to get funding to grow  your idea to fruition. Sites like Kickstarter.com and Crowdfunding.com provide ways to acquire investors for your project. When you hear about people creating a game like “Draw Something” that goes on to sell for almost $200 million, it shows you that just about anything is possible.

5. Customer service agent ($8 – $15 per hour)

With this job, all you need is a phone, some extra time, and a lot of patience to deal with grumpy-ass people. Companies like U-Haul, Amex and Apple are all increasingly using home-based customer service agents, so there is definitely opportunity if you can handle the deep phycological damage from listening to people bitch for hours. Many companies may require that you work a set schedule, but they could also potentially hire you as a full-time employee as opposed to just a freelance worker (which means regular paychecks and maybe even benefits).

6. Writer/editor (pay varies, but could go up to $2/word)

If you are a writer or love to write, blogging for newspapers and a variety of brands could be a great job for you. There is also opportunity editing manuscripts and  textbooks if you like doing that sort of thing. This is a great side job for recent college grads or students, since many times you can use this experience to build up your resume while earning extra loot. If you’re a more experienced writer, freelance work can actually be very profitable – with some magazines offering between $1-$2/word.

These are just a few ideas, although there are many opportunities to earn extra money on the side – and if you want to get out of debt and start saving, I would suggest finally getting motivated to really work for it. Check out WAHM.com and Rat Race Rebellion for more job listings that are updated daily – you may even discover something that you really enjoy doing (it probably won’t be having people yell at you, but you never know).



  1. Hi Ashley! I just saw you on GMA and was checking out your site out of pure nosiness lol. Then a quick browse of the site showed me that you have some really great tips on here. I have been working from home as a customer service rep for about 5 years now, and love it. I just want to let people know it is legit work, and more companies are starting to hire people to work from home now. Right now is a good time to apply for work as the holiday season is very busy. So for those looking, apply now. It could be seasonal or permanent. I also recommend going to http://www.ratracerebellion.com/ and checking out the todays leads section. They update job leads Monday through Friday. Good luck with your website Ashley!

  2. mturk.com is another good one! My boyfriend has made about $50 in just a week or so, and his friend has made $500 in a couple months!

  3. These tips are very applicable for everyone starting for a home jobs. Work From Home Job is not an easy task. It cannot be done without proper planning and expert advice. Thanks for this post; it was really helpful.

    Thanks !!

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