My 3 Favorite Motivational Words: WHY NOT ME?

We see them on TV or in magazines – young, smart, successful people who created an app or are running a multi-million dollar company or changing the world. They’re well-spoken, well-dressed, well-travelled … and if you’re like me, you feel a slight pang of jealousy. I want to be someone who is well respected and acknowledged for their accomplishments. I want to feel that sense of pride that comes with creating a successful business and life that I’m excited to be living. I suppose we all do, right? So what is it that tells us that we can’t? The question that really empowered me to get my shit together were the three simple words WHY. NOT. ME?

Not many of us were born into affluence, and so maybe it was never programmed into your head that you could be capable of living an above-average life. I know that for myself, neither of my parents graduated from college, so the fact that I even got my degree seemed like an accomplishment enough. I was paying my bills on time, putting a little bit of money away and living in NYC – I had made it… yet I still felt like I wanted more. I wanted it, but there was always something stopping me from going for it. I told myself that wasn’t experienced enough, I didn’t have the resources, I wasn’t ready… I had all of the reasons why I shouldn’t be me making big moves and taking risks to get what I wanted.

The issue with this is that our self-perception determines our behavior. If we think that we are inadequate, then we tend to behave that way. We fail to follow through on endeavors based on the belief that we don’t have what it takes. I was a victim to this for years, until I realized that if I wasn’t going to go for it, I would watch someone else just like me go for it and rise. I realized that if I waited for the world’s permission to shine, l would never receive it. As I asked myself, “why NOT me”, I started to question my limiting beliefs and realize that they weren’t actually the reality. I then began to identify myself as someone capable and deserving, and the resources and opportunities began to open up.

So when you start to feel doubt creeping in, ask yourself “why not me?” Why not you to start that business or get that promotion or live the life you’ve always dreamed? We are all deserving of these things, so why not you?




  1. Ashley,

    Love this! This post is truly a homerun!

    Tracy Kay
    Author of “The Wellness Mindset: 5 Keys to Building Super Health

  2. Cora Uwajeh says:

    This post was truly inspiring Ash! I’ve been feeling very stagnant lately, since my contract at work ended. Modeling work has been slow throughout this season, but this post just motivated to pursue other things. I’ve also made excuses for myself as to why I couldn’t acheive, bt rather than focusing on the negative I really ahve to think WHY NOT?

    • Thank you for the comment Cora! Especially for models, it’s so important to realize that lack of experience in another field doesn’t mean we aren’t capable. Anything is possible if you have enough nerve and are willing to work for it.

  3. Wishmaster says:

    Hi, I’ve following you by RSS for a while and wanted to thank you for your posts.

    After analizis, planning and executing for two years what was supposed to be the career move that would improve my life and help my environment, I’m stuck in a position that seems to be worse from the point I started. Like I lost a bet.
    I still see my peers doing well and achieving goals while I’m being left behind walking in circles and still asking why not me?

    Why not me goes hand in hand with mental endurance, perseverance.
    Best wishes to all.

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