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Summer Holiday Wardrobe Essentials (Frugal Edition)

Many people are gearing up for their summer vacations – working on their base tan, their perfect selfie face for all of the sick Instagram shots on the beach, and of course their holiday wardrobes. Since the holiday itself deserves most of your budget and you likely won’t be wearing much clothes anyway, it’s important that you plan appropriately so that you look amazing without having to spend a bunch of money on new things you don’t need. Of course there are fabulous people going to Europe who, let’s face it, probably have the money to buy a new bikini for every single day, but I’m going to focus on those of us who are getting away to my favourite destination – Mexico. Fortunately, there’s no bad time to visit Mexico’s beaches – it’s sunny and warm year-round on both the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. It’s hottest from May to September, but the short bursts of rain that come around this time tend to cool things down a bit, and you save by going in the off season. Tour operators like First Choice are great resources to research your destination and book everything you need in one shot for a seamless, frugal holiday.

You need no more than 3 pairs of shoes. 

This is it ladies. You need a pair of flip flops for the day, a nicer pair of sandals for at night, and one pair of heels which you likely won’t end up wearing but will hate yourself if you don’t have them and everyone else is in heels for that one crazy night out. When I say heels I don’t mean the hooker shoes you wore on your birthday this year, but something more practical like the ones from Steve Madden below:

vacation wardrobe
It’s all about the sundress 

vacation wardrobeBring a few solid sundresses since I assure you this is just about all you will want to wear while you’re away. Sure, shorts are great but nobody likes putting on shorts over wet bikini bottoms after the beach. Plus you’re likely going to be sweating, a lot. Anything that is loose fitting and doesn’t cling to your body will keep you the most comfortable. If you don’t own any flowy dresses, places like H&M and Forever 21 are amazing for picking up inexpensive pieces that you won’t be upset about forgetting in your hotel room. The one to the left is $11.85 at Forever 21 – perfect.

Always bring something to layer

Hot destinations mean sub zero air conditioning. Always be sure to pack something light that you can layer over that cute little sundress. I personally love my cotton summer scarf, but H&M sells things like this patterned kimono for $19.95 that is perfect for layering over almost anything and also serves as a cute bathing suit cover-up. vacation wardrobe essentials
Don’t forget your gym clothes/running shoes

I just heard you grimace. I know – you’re like, but I’m on vacation! I can assure you that there is not much better than getting up early and getting a workout in when you’re away on vacation. It sets the mood for the entire day and makes you feel substantially less guilty about all of the guacamole and chips that you’ll be eating. On top of that, you’ll need this gear if you plan any cool tours or activities like visiting ruins or going ATVing.

Planning your wardrobe and your trip ahead of time can save you the hassle of worrying about things while you’re away. Enjoy!





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