What The Hell Am I Doing With My Life? Finding The Joy in Scary Transitions

I am writing this post after a long ass day of real estate school. For those of you who follow the blog, you may be thinking, “wait a minute, I thought you were training to pursue your passion of becoming a life coach?” Yes, after expensive seminars and classes to become a life coach, I walked away with a master NLP practitioner certification, a picture with Tony Robbins, and priceless self awareness that made it all worthwhile. When it came down to it, though, I realized that I didn’t want to coach other people. At least I don’t think so. I don’t know.

When I was in high school I dreamed of becoming a copywriter for a big marketing firm, and even interned as one and loved it. When I learned how low of a salary most copywriters earned, the hustler in me decided that I would instead get a Business Degree – and that was mistake number one. I lost my academic scholarship due to several quantitative statistics, accounting and finance classes got the best of me and of course thrived in my communication classes. A prime example of going against the “flow” – but I graduated, and have yet to require my degree even once in life thus far. Getting into nightlife and modeling in NYC was the blessing and the curse that left me with a cushy savings account, but also left me 30 years old and completely unaware of what I want to do with my life…. and I’m realizing that that’s ok.

Obviously I get to do what I love by writing for this blog – but it doesn’t currently pay the bills. Of course I have dreams of publishing a book and becoming this TV personality and everyone will be like, “wow, she’s so successful and smart and frugal”… but the reality is that I need to have an income since I’ve decided to create an exit strategy from modeling to find something I can realistically do for the rest of my life. So here I am in a stuffy room in Miami learning about real estate law and financing. Not exciting. The reason I’m not freaking out about my current state of transition (again) is that I would much rather be here than stuck in a comfortable job that I despise or that is simply unfulfilling. I can’t help but feel that it’s better to keep trying things in life to learn more about yourself and what makes you happy. Ultimately if you never try, you never know – and life is all about taking risks, right?

Maybe I’ll become one of those power brokers and love my job to death (The Frugal Broker?). Maybe I’ll decide to go back to modeling. Or be a life coach… or maybe I’ll discover something completely different (again). I can’t be hard on myself, because at least I’m trying. I’m listening to my gut and trying to find what flows easily – and so should you. Sorry that this was just a babbling post on myself, but I think that we all need  a reminder sometimes that we’re never too old to start over. It’s never too late to rediscover yourself and what makes you happy – life is a crazy journey, and if you have faith in yourself and your abilities no matter what you end up wanting to do… you’ll be sure to enjoy the ride.

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  1. Seriously needed this today, thank you! In a similar place right now, thought I knew for sure what I wanted to do so I pursued it and did it, but now I feel like I really have no idea. But trying to be at peace with that :)

    • This is the great thing – we are always growing and that what keeps us alive :) As long as you stay curious about your passions, it will come to you!

  2. I’ve debated on whether or not sticking with a job I don’t care about is the best decision for me. It’s really wearing on your soul after a while, then it drags on for years. I recently started my blog because I finally found something that interests me. I don’t think I could ever produce a living from it but perhaps it may cover my cable bill someday.

    I hope you find what’s right for you.

    • Thanks Zee – you never know – your blog could end up being a big money maker if that’s what’s meant for you! It’s great that you’re at least exploring other options instead of letting your job keep you stagnant!

  3. I’m in my forties and I still don’t know what I want to do. When I worked in the IT department at a college, most students were in their thirties. When my brother went to teachers college, he was the youngest in his class at age 30. Many people have second careers. I have a Sociology degree, have taken various Human Resources courses, hold a certificate in Travel and Leisure. I also have three kids! I hope to make money from my blog some day and also possibly by doing something in art or photography. I also love travel and real estate. We flipped two houses when we were newly married. I’m always looking and researching, applying for jobs and I know one day I’ll find what’s right for me! I hope you find your forever career. I think you could be the next Suze Orman type author and tv personality! Good luck!!

    • Thanks so much Karen!! I’m glad to know that transitions can keep happening and we survive them!! Just need to find our flow… I have faith we’ll both do it!!

  4. Keep writing and keep moving forward. I’m in a huge transition period myself and its scary but hopefully the job of my dreams will also be able to fully support me and a family some day. Just your awareness about being kind to yourself and also living frugally puts you leaps and bounds ahead of most people our age.

  5. You have to do something that you enjoy, its so true. I am in the middle of making that leap, myself. I think its great that you are looking into other options. I agree with you about the unfilling job. There are jobs that pay the bills but if you’re not happy with it, then its not worth it.

  6. Wow! Thank you for this. I’ve never read your blog, but follow you on twitter. This is awesome… and makes me feel way better about things. (And taking a 2 hour lunch break to lay out at the pool!)

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