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Using Price Matching Policy to Save Even More Money

With the rise of online retailers, prices have become even more competitive these days – with big retailers offering to match prices in order to win the sale. Most people don’t take advantage of this beautiful policy, but if it can save you even more on that big purchase that you want to enjoy right away, why the hell not??

With price comparison apps like RedLaser, ShopSavvy and Amazon Price checker, you can simply scan the barcode of your item and see if it’s being offered at a lower price. Not every store will match prices, but it’s always worth a try if you’re buying a big ticket item – especially when it comes to stores like Home Depot who will beat competitors prices by 10%.

Find out the policy:

* Many stores won’t just take an apps word for it and will require an actual print ad with the lower price, so call the store in advance or check their website to see if they have a price-matching policy, and what it requires.

* Big retailers like Best Buy and Target match online retailers like Amazon’s prices, but most will only match prices of local competitors if the item is in stock and not sold out.

* Most stores will also only match if the model numbers are the same.

* Target allows you to take your receipt back within seven days if you’ve found a lower price elsewhere and they’ll refund the difference.

* Target also allows you to price match the Target.com website (price differences happen frequently).

More tips:

*If you can turn on the charm with the store manager, they can often bend the rules a little to help give you the best deal.

* Even if the store won’t match a great price, you may be able to get the price lowered since management often has the authority to give discounts.

* Most sales people do not know the price-matching policy themselves, so go in informed and prepared to speak to management or customer service if you get someone who seems clueless.

Another great money saving tool to put on your list. Have you saved with price matching policies? Let me know!




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  1. I didn’t know that Target matched Amazon’s prices.

    Must really thank you for the tips on the app.

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