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Should You Do Your Own Taxes?

I’m sure many people struggle with this question during this time of year. Although I would love to save the few hundred dollars a year that my accountant charges me to file, it’s worth every penny since I have no idea what I’m doing and would likely end up in jail for tax fraud or something of that nature. I’m just not built for prison so I’ll keep paying my accountant. Check out this chart to see if you should do the same:



If you have a fairly straightforward return but you’re still not 100% confident about doing it yourself, try software like TurboTax or a tax prep chain like H&R Block. I’ve personally found that it’s usually worth the extra money to have your taxes done correctly to ensure you get the biggest return (or the lowest payment if you’re a sad freelancer like me). If you want more info on each of your options, check out the very thorough breakdown I did in my post, What Tax Prep Service is Best For You? Goodluck!




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