Invest in You: Working on Your Confidence Can Save You Money

You’ve heard the saying “The most important thing a girl can wear is confidence”, and this is especially true when you’re trying to save your money. When you’re happy, healthy and confident, you can wear just about anything and look great. You don’t feel the need to purchase high-end, overpriced and out of budget pieces to make you feel like you’re kicking ass when you already have that taken care of yourself. In a sense, money can often be used in the same way some people use food to feel better about themselves – and just like a Ben and Jerry’s binge, a spending spree never ends well.

It makes sense that we would use material things to make us feel better, more powerful, more beautiful – but giving in to this temptation can easily result in not only appearing as though you’re using high priced stuff to help mask low self-esteem, but these things will never actually do the job of filling you up. I’ve been around plenty of wealthy people driving stupid expensive cars and wearing glitzy jewelry who have a fraction of the self assurance as someone in a Hyundai and shopping at H&M. The problem is that once you start associating things to who you are as a person, you begin the vicious cycle of needing more and more to continue feeling whole. Our delicate human psyches feed right into advertisements showcasing beautiful, successful people that trigger compensatory status consumption. Advertisers know our brains will associate products to ourselves becoming more like those people, ultimately making us feel bad about ourselves and thus craving those “status” goods.


So you see how working on your confidence can save you money?? Investing that hard earned cash instead into your own personal development is one of the smartest things you can do. Use the money for yoga classes, a meditation workshop – maybe even therapy. Although you’re still spending your money in attempt to feel better, these are investments that will have much longer lasting effects on your overall happiness. When you feel strong and healthy, your entire mood and life can take a shift for the positive – an effect that a new Chanel bag could never achieve. The more you attach to material things, the more you detach from learning who you really are, and the more you identify yourself with what you wear or consume, the less you are able to identify with who you really are (causing some serious depression down the road).

Just got all complex and idealistic on you, but the point is that it’s ultimately all ego that gets us to spend our money on shit we don’t need. We want people to judge us favorably and assume that the “image” we project will assist with that, but true confidence translates into not caring what people think … what a huge money saver. Of course it’s easier said than done, and confidence has been formed from years of experiences and situations in your life – but anyone can drive their brain in a new direction with some effort. Invest in your growth – your physical and mental well being, and work on feeling whole without the need to substitute something missing with worthless material things. Confidence will forever be the best thing you can ever wear – trust me.



  1. THIS!!! –>>> “it’s ultimately all ego that gets us to spend our money on shit we don’t need”

    This is soooo one of the major lessons I’m working on this year.

    One of my best friend’s is in advertising and I learned so much from her about the manipulating by the media and ads trying to enforce short term spending to make us feel good immediately and paying for it in the long run.

    I’ve even started dressing down because of it to really test myself and see if I can still feel confident without that must have pair of jeans and a face full of makeup.

    • Thank you Vanessa! It’s a hard lesson to learn, even for the most “evolved” people. I like the sounds of your ego test – I’m sure you look beautiful even in your most simple form (since that really is the most beautiful).

  2. I paid off my credit cards debt, I don’t have much in my checking account because I did this recently. I have learned that I have to work with the actual money that I have and the stuff that I already own. My closet is jammed back with clothing, so no more shopping. Now yes I do feel a little bit confident that I don’t have credit card (I am sure that feeling will increase with time).

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