Trick Your Subconscious to Achieve Your Goals: NLP Well Formed Outcome Technique

I mentioned in my last post that I spent over two weeks studying NLP, which is short for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Sounds pretty fancy, but essentially it is a way of studying the way that our brain codes learning and experiences, and then provides techniques to influence these patterns. Many of these techniques involve using key words and questions that help others to come to their own solutions to their problems.

This was one of my favorite techniques that I wanted to share, since it is applicable to anyone who has any sort of goal in life. It is a series of questions that push your mind to consider why you haven’t yet moved forward in achieving it, as well as associates so much pleasure to achieving the goal that your subconscious mind will be more open to making things happen. It is called “Well Formed Outcomes”, and you can use this process anytime you want to clarify your wishes so that they are more realistic and action-focused.

So sit down with a pen and paper, and go through these questions with your goal in mind:

1. What do you want, specifically?

  • Be sure it is stated in a positive – what you want, not what you don’t want.
  • It must be something that is within your control and not dependent on other people.
  • Be specific – don’t just make your goal “I want to be happy.” In your career? Relationship? Be as specific as possible.

2. How will you know when you have it? What will be the immediate evidence of reaching your goal (a feeling? Something you can see?)

3. How will reaching your outcome change your life? (this is the most important thing to really consider).

4. How will it affect your family, your friends, your job and your health?

5. Is it worth what it will take to get it? What will you have to give up to attain it?

6. When you achieve this result, what else in your life will also improve?

7. What stops you from having the outcome now? Are you missing resources? What kind of person will you need to become?

8. Which resources do you already have available that you could use to achieve your result? Mentors? Past experience?

9. How are you going to get there? Is there more than one way to get there? What are all of the alternatives?

10. What is the first step to begin to achieve this result? What could you do today. Make sure it’s specific and attainable.

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  1. Very interesting concept. My stepmom took some NLP courses, and loved them. She really applied them to her life and made it so much better. It’s inspiring!

  2. NLP kind of scares me, I remember an old friend telling me that I fell for my Ex after he used it on me. Super interesting though!

    • Ha I doubt he was using it on you! It contains alot of great techniques to help you with your goals!

      • Raghunath Patil says:

        Hi Asley TFM,
        I enjoyed what you have written,
        we have similar parallel tradtion of saints in Maharashtra, India
        Always loved Amerian philosophy of self improvement ,its good that you share your with experience with NLP, there are more things which can be discussed beyond this.Than you personally.

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