Put Your iPhone to Work: 5 Best Money Apps

Iphone apps have made a lot of amazing things possible. You can make yourself look substantially better in pictures, make your friends look morbidly obese in pictures, and play word games for hours. Besides all of these extremely valuable functions, I thought I would point out the 5 best money apps for tracking, saving and smarter spending of your money.

1. Mint: This website and app is my favorite for tracking spending and creating a budget. Link it safely to all of your credit cards and bank accounts and it will categorize all of your transactions automatically. It will also create a budget for you and show you how your spending compares to average. My pie chart of spending is always about 70% food, and I’m okay with that. *Free

2. Expensify: Helps you to document and organize expenses as they happen. You just input the details of the transaction, and the info is uploaded to your next expense report. You can also snap a picture of the receipt, and the app will extract the relevant info (including the big tip you left the cute server). *Free

3. Credit Karma: This gem will check and then monitor your credit score. Worried checking will hurt your credit? That only applies to hard inquiries (like when you apply for a loan)– this will not impact your credit at all. Plus you’ll get email alerts if your credit score changes. *Free

4. BillTracker: This app makes sure you never pay a bill late again. BillTracker tracks due dates, amounts owed, and confirmation numbers for payments. You can set up reminders so that your phone will alert you when a payment is due soon or overdue. It also lets you set up recurring bills and view bill history to confirm when you sent a payment. The company also makes a free, lite version, but it does not handle recurring bills. *2.99

5. Yipit: This is my favorite social coupon app because it gathers deals from all of the major deal sites (like Groupon and Living social), and categorizes them for easy searching. Just make sure you don’t get over excited and buy a bunch of discounted stuff you’ll never use. *Free

Are you excited about all of your new apps?! Put them right in between Instagram and Camera +, and you can start feeling as good about your finances as how amazing you look in your facebook pictures.



  1. Thanks for mentioning Credit Karma in this list! We’re honored – glad you dig the app!

    • Of course! Learning that my credit score has risen is the kind of thing that gets me unreasonably excited. Great service you’re offering!

  2. Thanks for these awesome app ideas!

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