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3 Ways To Keep Your Winter Wardrobe Budget Friendly

Winter is in full swing, and with the holidays behind us, it’s now time to get back on track in our financial lives. When it comes to fashion, many people haven’t even had a chance to prepare for this winter because they’ve been so wrapped up in holiday shopping. It’s time for both men and women to take a moment to reevaluate their dressing habits, as well as how much money they’re spending on clothes this winter (since all of those layers can get expensive).

Luckily, the cold weather doesn’t have to be a blow to your usually fashionable self; especially when you keep in mind these 3 ways to keep your winter wardrobe budget friendly.

Embrace Cashmere

The number one rule of winter fashion is that you’ve got to dress in a way that will keep you as warm as possible while not looking like a 5 year old in a snowsuit. Luckily, you have cashmere – and there are budget-friendly ways to get it so that it can be your material of choice this winter. Cashmere is lightweight, extremely warm, works well in both professional and casual environments, and adds a touch of class to your outfits. Cashmere is perfect for both men and women, and let’s face it – it can make any outfit look more expensive.

Frugal Finance Tip: Buy high-quality materials, such as cashmere, from second-hand stores and thrift shops. The material’s quality means it is likely to still be in nearly-new condition, and you’ll save hundreds of dollars on your winter wardrobe.


This goes for both men and women. There’s no reason why men can’t spice up their outfits with an accessory or two. Mens leather and canvas belts can do a lot for any outfit – plus leather bracelets or schoolboy caps can add a cool element for very little money.

Women tend to have a lot more at their disposal (earrings, bracelets etc.) when it comes to accessorizing, but it’s important not to overdo it. Toss on multiple accessories at the same time, and you might find yourself looking like an 80’s music video. You only need a few quality pieces to make your winter outfit more chic, and you’ve improved your look without spending a lot of money.

Frugal Finance Tip: Instead of buying multiple new outfits, use low-cost accessories (belts, necklaces) to transform your existing outfits. This means you can wear your signature pieces, such as your thrift-store cashmere sweater, more often.

Avoid Name Brands

Everyone likes to splurge on designer when they can, but even if you find a sale, this can get very expensive. Especially in the winter – why spend a fortune on an outfit that is covered up by a bulky coat most of the time? The fact is, there are plenty of clothing brands out there that emulate name brand pieces quite well, most of which are extremely inexpensive. Steve Madden is king at copying high end designer shoe styles, and Zara carries all of the on-trend pieces for less.

Frugal Finance Tip: If you really want name brands, thrift stores and online auction sites like eBay are the way to go. The pieces worth the splurge are a nice coat and boots (since you wear them daily). 

Dressing for the winter can be a challenge, but following these tips will make sure you keep your style and your budget in check.


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