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Feed Your Wallet: Use Twitter to Save Money

Twitter has become so incredibly useful, not just for finding out what Kim Kardashian is eating for lunch or stalking ex-boyfriends, but more importantly for finding deals and saving you money. I’ll break down all the ways to use your twitter feed to feed your wallet:

#UseHashtags: Go ahead and search for hashtags like #coupon, #deals, #promocode, #sale or #promotion to find current special offers being tweeted out by brands, stores and deal bloggers. Get more specific with hashtags like #laptopdeals or #swimsale, or use the brand name your looking for to see what pops up.

Follow your favorites: Follow your favorite brands, from fashion to electronics and anything else that you buy frequently. Many will offer exclusive coupon codes to those following their social media accounts. It’s also worth finding deal bloggers like MomsWhoSave or KrazyCouponLady on twitter since they frequently share promo codes and freebies with their followers. Also check out feeds from deal sites like PromoPro.com, DealNews, Savings.com, CheapTweet and CouponTweet.

Flash Sales: Some companies use Twitter to promote clearance sales. For example, @DellOutlet is well-known for announcing flash sales of refurbished computers and electronics with up to 30% discount. @AmazonDeals also features flash sales in their twitter feeds with prices on their inventory marked way below retail.

Use it for customer service: Most of the bigger companies have twitter specialists who’s sole job is to correspond with people on twitter. I’ve tweeted at companies in the past about receiving poor customer service, and it never takes long for them to respond asking how they can fix it. I’ve gotten miles from American Airlines and a credit to my cell phone bill this way. Just make sure you use @ the company name (@AmericanAir) to ensure they get notified, and if they have a special account just for customer service, use that instead. You’ll also need to be following the company so that they can private message you a response.

Your Twitter Feed just got a whole lot more useful. Do you have any other good Twitter tips? Let me know!

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