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Hello Summer! Trendy Sunglasses for Every Budget

Summer is right around the corner, and with it comes a reason to express your inner hipster/diva/gangster with some new amazing sunglasses. I personally think that sunglasses are worth investing in since you wear them almost daily and they protect those pretty eyes of yours. BUT with all of the new sunglass trends out right now, I thought I would go over your many options for trendy sunglasses for every budget.

The Trend: Vintage

Mint Polca Dot Top Frame $12.99 –

round sunglasses                        

The Trend: Diva

Mossimo square sunglasses $16.99 –

target sunglasses

The Trend: Cat Eye

Aldo “Caledonia” $12 –

cateye sunglasses        

The Trend: Reflective 

“Prime Mars with Polycarbonate lenses” $19.99 –


 The Trend: Look how hipster I am

Asos haf round sunglasses $20.36 –

hipster sunglasses                

If your face is…

Square: Round or oval shades will soften your jaw.

Heart Shaped: Rounded glasses that dip between the eyes, or inverted triangle shapes like aviators.

Long: Wide, oversized frames will hep to break up your face. Cat-eyes will also help to draw attention up

Oval: Congrats, you can wear just about anything since your face is uniform from top to bottom.

Other great sites for sunglasses: Prices start at $17 with free shipping and returns. Many brand name frames with a price-match guarantee and discounts on every purchase. Find perscription pairs with free shipping and returns, plus you can try on looks virutally with their phone app. Join this club to get acccess to vintage and indie brands – your first purchase gains you membership and after that you get 50% off every order. For every sunglass purchase they donate a pair of optical glasses to someone in need. Sweet.

Now we just need summer to get here…

LIV sunglasses

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  1. For choosing these selection of shades, your style is great. Sunglasses are indeed a great component women fashion accessory especially during the summer!

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