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Frugal Find Friday: High End in Reworked and eBay Pieces

I am extremely proud of this outfit. The jacket is my amazing Aritzia buy that was also worn in last weeks Frugal Find – I have been wearing it non-stop, so it was definitely worth the price. The white strapless top was actually an old $26.00 dress from Forever 21 that I cut the bottom from to make a top to wear with high waisted skirts. The skirt is Herve Leger that I bought for $200 on eBay (originally $900) and the belt is Zara that I got recently for $25. The shoes!! Those beautiful Louboutins were also found on eBay very lightly used for $300 (originally $845).

Aritzia baseball jacket = $100

Forever 21 reworked top = $26

Zara belt: $25

Herve Leger skirt $200

Louboutins: $300

Total cost of outfit = $651

 I know what you’re thinking. This is not a frugal find AT ALL, but the truth is, considering I am wearing some pretty high end luxury goods (that are investment pieces) all for less than one pair of new Louboutins cost — I think I did pretty well!

frugal find friday


  1. I wish I had the guts to shop on Ebay, but ever since my fried sold a fake Louis Vuitton bag there, I have been hesitant to shop there.

    • I always find great designer things on eBay – so don’t be afraid to shop there. If you buy something that you realize is not authentic when you receive it, you can open a case with eBay and they will refund your money. This is why money is in holding for a time period to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. You also always need to look out for the sellers feedback – is it positive? A person with zero feedback can’t be trusted. Go save some money!

  2. I am certainly out of my element on the topic, but I agree that it can still be the right choice to find really good deals on high end things, especially if they are work related.

    I once read in an argument for paying more for jeans as compared to buying a high end suit – if you think of the number of times you wear the piece, paying more for better jeans makes more sense than a really expensive suit that you wear, at best, half of the time.

    • Exactly! We always spend so much money on things we hardly wear, when really we need to invest in things we can wear all the time. That’s why I don’t mind spending a little more money on a good bag, shoes or coat :)

  3. I love shopping on ebay, and I love that skirt! Happy to have found your blog through Yakezie :)

  4. I love that you repurpose clothes, i.e., using the top of a dress as a layering piece for your new outfit. I’m a craigslist and thrift/consignment store shopper. I’ve picked up terrific, like-new things for pennies on the dollar. As a bargain-hunter, you know that the secret for good buying high quality second-hand goods lies in knowing both the approximate retail value of the item as well as YOUR value (how useful it will be for you). Sometimes you don’t know the latter until you’ve gotten your purchase home. For example, I really like the 6×8, plush, all-wool Crate and Barrel rug I bought for a mere $20 on CL, but I LOVE the rice cooker I got for almost the same price at an estate sale. Go figure.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment! Im still perfecting the art of repurposing! It takes real vision and talent, but if you’ve got it – it saves so much money!

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