7 Annoying Email Mistakes You Need to Stop Making NOW

These days most business communication is executed via email, and although it can be a very efficient way to get things done, careless errors can make you look like a dummy and therefore should generally be avoided. Here are some annoying email mistakes that you should try your best to avoid:

1. Sending before you mean to: How to avoid this? Enter the recipient’s e-mail address only when your e-mail is ready to be sent. Nothing worse than sending half-written emails and then having to write a follow up apologizing for being annoying.

2. Hitting the reply all button: Why do people do this?? WHY?? Respond only to the person who sent the message – we all don’t need to know that you can’t attend the event because you feel bloated. Reply-all’s are one of the most annoying email mistakes that you can make. It’s like evil group chats that you can’t escape. Just don’t do it.

3. Forgetting the attachment: This is an easy mistake to make and an even easier one to fix. If your e-mail includes an attachment, upload the file to the e-mail before composing it. It’s that easy.

4. Being too informal: No matter what the email is regarding, if it’s work related or communications with a boss or colleague, keep the language formal. Be clear and concise and be mindful that your humor may not translate in an email (or maybe they have no sense of humor and won’t get it, it happens). Avoid using short-forms of words like “thx” or “lol” and avoid using emoticons. Even smiley faces :/

5. Using crappy subject lines: Keep in mind that a typical inbox allows for about 60 characters of a subject line, but cell phones get only about 25 to 30. Be sure that your subject line fits in these parameters and communicates exactly what the email is about so that the recipient can prioritize the email’s importance without having to open it. If it’s a job application, include your name and the position, and if it’s to another co-worker, you should identify the project that the email refers to.

6. Forwarding the same email twice: If someone doesn’t respond to your email, avoid emailing them the same message again. They didn’t answer you the first time, so maybe there’s a reason. Send a new message with a deadline if appropriate and reiterate why a response is needed asap. Don’t turn into a creepy stalker – emails are easily overlooked. Or they may just not like you…. but it probably just got overlooked.

7. Writing long ass paragraphs: People see huge blocks of words and get overwhelmed and annoyed. Put each point that you want to make in it’s own paragraph to make it easier to read and understand.


Now you will always look super smart and competent in your emails. I know you’re sad that you can’t use smiley face emoticons anymore, but trust me, I just did you a favor.



  1. I’ve been guilty of sending emails without the attachments. Haven’t done it in a long time but I always cringe when it happens!

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