8 More Money Saving Beauty Tricks

I’ve done a bunch of money-saving beauty posts – and guess what, here’s another one. There are so many great ways to save money when it comes to beauty upkeep that you likely have never heard of. It’s hard enough having to look cute all the time – it shouldn’t be expensive too. Here’s how to make it all a little less painless with  8 great money saving beauty tricks:

1. Combine products

Do you have a growing collection of half-full shampoo? Don’t be afraid to combine them all into one bottle to create your own unique concoction. They all smell good, right? What could go wrong. You can do the same thing for conditioner or body washes.

2. Skip the full mani/pedi

In between full nail salon mani/pedis, if your nails are still in pretty good shape, try going in for just a polish change for a fraction of the price. You can also make your expensive polish job last longer by throwing on a layer of clear polish when you notice it starting to dull.

3. Conserve Your Products

If you use foundation and really love to use a sponge to apply, wetting it slightly before you dip it into your foundation will cause the sponge to absorb less product, thus leaving more in the bottle. If you really want to save, skip the sponge all together and use your fingers. As long as you’re using clean hands, it’s actually more sanitary and will save you all the product that stays stuck inside the sponge after use. Just be gentle – especially with the skin around your eyes.

4. Get rid of product thieves

If you’re using cotton balls to take off your makeup or for toner, you’re wasting a ton of product. Switch to a thin cotton pad that won’t shed on your skin and won’t absorb as much.

Also, resist the temptation to apply cleaner to a wash cloth since it absorbs much of the product and half of it doesn’t even get to your skin. Instead, wash your hands and then apply it with your fingertips to DRY skin. This way, it doesn’t get diluted and you get the full effect of the product.

5. Create your own hair mask

Don’t waste your money on a pricey salon mask when you can make an even better one at home. All you need is a fully ripened avocado, and mix it with one egg yolk and a teaspoon of olive oil. After stirring together, apply the mixture and leave in for about a half hour. This will make your hair feel super soft and healthy….and potentially edible.

6. Pick up some vaseline

Vaseline is an amazing multi-purpose beauty powerhouse, and it’s so cheap. Use it as a lip balm or to soften your heels before bed. It’s also a super effective makeup remover and great for super dry skin or creating a colored lipgloss using eyeshadow or blush.

7. De-puff without product

If you wake up in the morning with under-eye bags, apply two chamomile tea bags, chilled spoons, or cucumber slices to your lids. Expedite the process by sitting up with your head back; this will help drain the fluids around your eyes more quickly.

8. Return it

Don’t keep product that doesn’t work for you. Many merchants, including CVS, Rite Aid and Kohl’s, will take back, with a receipt, any cosmetics you don’t like, whether or not you’ve opened and tried them.

Every girl can get seduced by Sephora and end up spending hundreds of dollars on things you didn’t know you needed – but being a little more conscious of how you’re using the products and being smart with what you can do yourself can make your beauty regiment a little less costly.




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  1. Great tips! I’ve definitely combined products to conserve space! Plus you can get the big shampoo bottles at a good price but they’re kind of bulky for the shower, so I put them into regular sized bottles.

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