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Elevated Wardrobe: The 4 Luxury Pieces To Spend On

When it comes to my wardrobe, I love Zara and H&M as much as the next girl. I will never spend very much money on a trend piece (like harem pants…whoever made looking like you dumped your pants cool should be shot). The thing to remember is, you can wear H&M and still look like you got your outfit at Bergdorf’s when you invest in the right key pieces. In my opinion, these are the 4 luxury pieces to spend on:

**Disclaimer: I completely understand that purchasing expensive pieces like the ones mentioned in this post may be unrealistic based on your current financial situation. I waited and saved up for all of my designer things, and only purchased them when I had the extra funds available. Remember that buying things that make you LOOK like you have money is useless if you can never afford to go out and wear them.


Worn OVER your clothes for most of the year, so not only is your jacket seen the most, but it also gets the most wear of any piece of clothing you own.

Winter Coat: You need a great, warm coat for the winter. I personally have a Moncler (approx $800) that I got on sale at Bloomingdales. I just wore it through my third winter, and will likely have it for many more. It’s super warm, functional, and well-known that it is a high-end coat, so it’s safe to say that people will assume that whatever you’re wearing underneath is expensive too.

Trench: A nice wool trench is great for when you’re going out at night in the fall and winter. One with a nice belted waist will make you look super chic and lady-like, even if you’re wearing your sluttiest club dress underneath.

Leather jacket: You need a great leather jacket for the spring and fall. Vince and Helmut Lang ($500 – $900) have amazing leather coats. I suggest finding one you like in store and then checking on eBay and other online shopping sites for a discounted price.
Tip: Get more wear out of your leather jacket with a tight fitting (faux) fur vest to wear underneath to keep you warm as the weather gets cooler. I got mine on eBay and was able to wear my leather jacket through most of last winter.


As long as you’re not the type who constantly looses or breaks your sunglasses, I’m a true believer in investing in some nice designer shades. You wear these almost daily – on your face – so they’re the first thing people notice, and they also have the ability to change your entire look. Bonus is they’ll protect your eyes so that you don’t end up blind, which I guess is kind of important too. A nice pair of Ray-Ban aviators will run you about $150 (or less if you find the style online) and will be your best summer accessory.


Another item you carry around with you all year long, and the piece that girls compliment each other on the most. A beautiful designer handbag with an H&M dress = an expensive looking outfit.Trust me. I personally invested in:

Day bag: Large Chloe Paraty ($1695) that got during Bloomingdales friends and family sale for 20% off

Night bag: Small Channel black quilted purse ($1299). My girl Melissa has the same one and she’s pictured below. This bag is perfect for nights out, but as you can see it’s also killer in a casual outfit.

splurge on these items

Both are really expensive, I know…but I also know that I have had them for years, and will have them for many more. These are classic and go with everything. The lesson I’ve learned is that you actually save money buying two expensive bags as opposed to 6 cheaper ones that you will be sick of or will fall apart in a year. Plus, shopping on eBay can save you big – Check out my post about How to Shop on eBay Like a Pro:

Black Pumps

My favorite heels of all time are the simple, black Christian Louboutin Ron Ron pump. This is another purchase that I saved up for, and has since been my go-to shoe that dresses up every outfit. Not only are they classic, but everyone recognizes the red sole, so they know I’m not messing around. I found mine on eBay and saved a few hundred dollars. Tip: Use to sign up to be alerted when what you’re looking for shows up on eBay, and set up a Google alert for it as well so you know when it comes on sale.

I already know that some will say that I shouldn’t be promoting spending on expensive material things because there are better ways to spend your money…BUT nothing boosts your confidence more than looking and feeling smokin’ hot… so you’ll also save all that money on a therapist.


  1. Great list. You forgot an expensive pair of leather boots. I love Frye. Nothing looks worse than a pair of cheap boots!

  2. Another thing about luxury things is that I know if I’m going to be spending a lot of money on something, I will be patient and search until I’ve found the one that’s perfect–in regard to size, style, fit, color, etc. With cheaper stuff, I inevitable settle and then never wear it.

  3. Just wanted to say that I LOVE your site. Fantastic posts about relevant topics. I never read “girly” magazines (too expensive compared to what you get) and I’m so happy to have found this site – it has what the magazines lack: an intelligent, sensible approach with a great writing style and lots of humour. LOVE IT!

  4. rachel alexander says:

    hey, I just saw you story on yahoo news. this is a great blog. nice work!

  5. I stumbled upon your website, great posts. I love reading about being fashionable and trendy without burning your wallet. Thanks for the sharing the insight on what to splurge on. =)

  6. Awesome Blog!! I just heard about you from yahoo news stories and I am very impressed by your blog content.I have already added you to my favorites. Keep up the great work!

  7. Just saw your story on Yahoo news like Rachel….no joke, after two articles, I’m, really thinking on rebooting my closet! Slowly, but surely, it’ll be re-vamped and I hope to share it with you! Your blog is helpful, to the point, and you never dumb down your articles like you’re better than others. So glad I found this, going to keep my eye on it for advice for sure! :)

    • Thank you!! Yes share your tips and closet success with me!! Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know you like the blog!

  8. this is completely true. My boyfriend and I always have a few expensive things that we didnt completely spend all our money on. For example we use amazon for our watches, he bought me a killer diamond watch that was 90% off original pricing!! I did the same for him. With all the websites now a days, there is definitely room to save!!! Thrift stores have killer stuff sometimes if you really really look. We found a nordstroms cashmere trench coat (retails for about 800) for $40 at the Salvation Army!

  9. Awesome blog!

  10. I found your website through the Yahoo link and I’m so glad that I found it. Your fashion motto completely agrees with mine and I love it!

    What do you think about purchasing a Moncler coat that doesn’t have the logo on the arm? I recently purchased a casual Moncler coat that I really like but it doesn’t have the logo (or fur trimming on the hat) and I’m not sure if I should keep it. It’s called “Chacal” and you can find it at saks but I purchased mine from Bergdorf in a chestnut green color. I like it because the color is awesome and it’s a solid coat but I’m not sure if it looks like an expensive jacket because it doesn’t have the logo or fur hat. What do you think? Thanks! :)

    • I’m surprised that they created a jacket that didn’t have the branded sleeve. I absolutely love my montcler, and I absolutely think that you should keep it despite the missing logo. It will keep you warm and people who have taste will know its a great quality jacket.

  11. So true!! Everything expensive that I have invested in has lasted me years and are amazing staples at making my entire outfit look expensive 😉

    My boyfriend & I were just in PS for Tony Robbins (how I stumbled across your blog)- love it!

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